Win, Win | See Why Businesses are Hiring WWU Students

Having a student in our
office has been very uplifting. The university made it very easy. It was the first time that we had hired a work-study student. They walked us through the process, if I had a question. So, the work-study program is a great program for both the employer to be in and for for
the students who qualify because you can get anywhere from 50-70% reimbursement on their wage. The cost is considerably less, so that would be, from the
city’s perspective, a benefit. I highly recommend hiring a student. They have a lot of energy
and a lot of great ideas. And, she’s really good at Excel and we’re not all so good. The students that we’ve been able to get have had really good attitudes. They’re excited about coming in and making a contribution, for one thing. And that’s something that we look for. Not just in students, but just in general. The student employee brings, like, a new perspective. Yes it’s good for us, but I think it’s also really good for them. Particularly when you hear about college students that are having
hard times finding jobs. She’s great. We’re really happy. My detective wants to keep
her for another 10 years. (laughs)

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