Wind Tunnel Activity Overview

Today we are going to be exploring wind tunnels, and we are going to be, kind of talking about the concepts of gravity and lift, and what wind does, and how it works. Using a limited set of materials, youths have designed objects that will stay suspended inside a wind tunnel. Then, they redesign the objects so that they fly up and out of the top of the tube. So, gravity is the force that keeps us from floating off into space. So that’s what actually pulling us down to the ground, and keeping us stable. Lift is actually the opposite of gravity. So, the parachute is what is creating the lift with the gravity that is pushing it in the opposite direction. So, what we are going to be doing, is creating a contraption that can first, float up and out of the wind tunnel. So, right now, I am going to invite you all, to start building and creating. So, you want to pick a base first, and then start adding things to the top of it. I want you guys to have a base selected, and whatever object you guys have chosen to create lift, we can move over here, and add more to what we have created. So, you’ve created something that hovers, aah, you have done it.

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