Wireless Screen Sharing for Higher Education

Hult’s an unusual organization. It’s a very young business school. It’s only been going for just over 10 years. We decided to pick wireless presentation and then we searched through the products. We researched Crestron, Kramer and all these different products that were used in like big businesses and corporations. Airtame stuck out as being in a good price range, having all the features we needed as a higher educational environment, and it just seemed to fit the purpose really well. Just yesterday I was using it with my team and we were able to quickly switch between two laptops as well. Didn’t have to swap cables, realize that the cable that fit in their computer, didn’t work in mine or something like that. My teammate had an Excel spreadsheet he wanted to share and I was like, “Wait, but we need to work on this document.” We quickly swapped it over. Very useful. What makes Hult unique is its entrepreneurial mindset in terms of how the organization adapts itself and how we teach the students to adjust themselves. It’s global – we have campuses all over the world. Our student body are very unusual in that they are themselves global and also dynamic. Originally, we start out with just like a branded background, which was good, it looked good, but now we switched to Google Slides, so we’re planning on taking over the signage using the Airtame. We’re going to replace maybe around £20,000 to £30,000 worth of equipment just with these devices as a byproduct of using it for wireless presentation. I love your design. You have a great logo, you have a great usability. If I may open this again, It’s super cool. It’s super easy. The most important thing is just clicking on the button. So, good design, good user experience for that and easy connection. So yeah I think it’s a must-have for schools who want to be innovative like Hult and so they do it right. It’s been a lot less running up and down, running to the server to grab a replacement cable, plugging it into the new room, making sure it’s working, and now it’s just basically making sure all the devices are online. We can see there’s no problems every morning with the Cloud feature and it just cuts down the manual labor part of my job by a lot. I think it definitely has the startup vibe to it where everyone’s eager to work and improve the product as well as they’re very open to suggestions. There’s been a very open communication with improvements, problems, never being afraid to say something that was bad in our case and it’s always been received with open arms and the promise of improvement and we’ve seen it time after time with the updates of the Cloud, of the Pin features, and it’s generally just a fast-paced, fast improving company and product.

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