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(lively xylophone music) – [Narrator] Turn & Learn ABCs. Word families. IDE. Ide. Let’s get started. (children mumbling) Nothing there. Oh, I see a little bit of orange. Mmh, what could this be? That looks like a ladder. Can you guess what it is? – [Children] Slide. – [Narrator] S-L-I-D-E. Slide. (lively music) (child chuckles) Okay, here’s another one. That looks frilly and white. I wonder what this is. It looks like it could be a dress. I see some flowers. What could this be in
the -ide word family? – [Children] Bride. – [Narrator] B-R-I-D-E. Bride. (wedding organ music) All right, one more. (children mumbling) Nothing there. (children mumbling) Nothing there either. Oh, that’s a lot of colors and shapes. I wonder what this could be. Do you have any guesses? That looks like the tail of a plane. Mmh, I think I know what this is. – [Children] Ride. – [Narrator] R-I-D-E. Ride. (engine roars) Can you remember all the words that we discovered in
the -ide word family? Slide. Bride. And ride. Way to go. Bye for now.

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