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I think the first thing that I notice is usually someone’s eyes or smile as cheesy as it sounds I really think that the eyes are a good way to kind of like see into someone full good physique doesn’t isn’t that either if you pull it off I like it it’s always been that like a girl would show up here but she pulls it off I’m into it so it’s tough for me to feel like I needed to be this this this this I’ll know what I see it I know that the horrible answer for you but I’ll know when I see it your name is Julian and this is your story you are 25 years old for work you are a graphic designer you grew up somewhere in California and your cultural or ethnic background is Persian my name is Andres and this is my story I am 26 years old I am car salesman I was born in Massachusetts and I am fortunate full-blooded okay Persian first time ago that was I don’t know I just feel like because you have hair and I know Persian letter like hairier so that’s kind of where my observation came from the only hairy man I’m sure your name is Jenny and this is your story I would say five years old you were for some type of retail store maybe as a manager or something and you grew up here in California and you’ve got some percentage of Korean interesting okay my name is Vivian I am 22 years old I am a health consulting intern as well as a student I grew up in Southern California and my cultural or ethnic background is Taiwanese Oh I was working a machine shop for like four years working my hands and I realized I was supposed to be dressing up for talking to people being social even though car salesmen get a bad rep I put a lot of customer service into my car sales and I like the process I mean that was a long but something I’m naturally good at there’s no ceiling if you’re working you’re grinding you’re hustling you’re making money I don’t like limitation I’ve always been someone that enjoys being in a committed relationship and I just want someone who’s ambitious and has passion towards whatever they want to do in the future and from a woman’s perspective and I think most women would agree with me like we can definitely tell when someone is trying to overcompensate for something your favorite emoji is the thumbs up emoji I set that your favorite holidays Thanksgiving if you could pick a new name you would pick Anthony the person you’re most like in your family is your dad um actually it’s the a okay one case is pretty close crazy of the holiday it is Thanksgiving it usually bulow see that coming love it because the 3s family food football and uh my name though pick Brady is Brady Brady yes didn’t Tom Brady who’s my RA the person I most like my family would be my mom the ability to Canali control the room and I got that from her I put winky face as you go to your favorite holiday is Christmas if you could pick a name a new name it would be savanah the person the most like in your family would be your sister you were honestly pretty on point for a lot of emotional cries my favorite emoji is the winky face that was a tongue out so like a half winky face it’s a little more aggressive yet yes my favorite holiday is Christmas if I could give a new name I love with Ashley I don’t know why I just feel like maybe I look like an Ashley the person I’m most like in my family is actually my dad I’ve gotten his dry even his sense of humor and his just like absolute silliness okay yeah I am from a small city called Diamond Bar California it’s very Asian dominated because it was so Asian populated I think everyone was really pushed and kind of has that pressure to always achieve the best within our school I would say that I probably studied more than I should have I took my low cousins all the time go to college go to school if you can but that’s not the only path to success that’s a good one a lot of people do it for me it just didn’t make sense way I’m going to make my money doesn’t require a college education my skill says sales they can’t teach you how to be a good salesman let’s split that way I’m going to try to be as nice as possible but you can’t learn it in a book either gotta you don’t you are good with money and I said a good salary for a couple in the US and you’re impedance maybe like 130 thousand you learned about financial management from your father and you think an appropriate number of hours to spend working per week is about 45 and I think that you think the man should be the breadwinner yeah I’m pretty solve money as never been an issue I’d say get to a hundred grand you’re good anything over that is gravy it’s just a mindset thing I had a financial management was my mother she helped me out with that and then 45 to 50 hours a week kind of changed my mind over the years I’m not big on it but yeah I would have had to pick one I pick the man obviously okay I put you’re great with money a good salary for a couple in the US would be about 90 thousand you learned about financial management from your mom an appropriate number of hours to work is a clean forty you think the woman is a stepped-up over the man I’m pretty good as money haven’t had any issues in the past I set a good salary for a couple in the u.s. is probably like 120,000 but I also think that depends on what state you’re living in I learned about finance management actually from school at USC for me an appropriate number of hours to spend working per week because that like safety okay for the next one I actually supplies I think a woman a man should be equal in terms of being the breadwinner I think in my opinion that like both partners should be contributing together so I think growing up in a really like I don’t any things really Asian but like I was definitely raised with like Asian like culture ideals like my parents always just like the importance of education to kind of I think like to learn more about the world but also to realize like what you want to do in life so for me I think it would be hard for me today someone that doesn’t have a college education just because it’s been stressed so heavily on me so that is where we’re different it’s not because I don’t value colleges and I tell all my cousin’s to go right it’s just like I am big believer everybody’s different and I knew at a certain point that going to school was going to help me further myself career-wise it was just going to be a piece of paper for me that said I graduated instead of that I made the choice that I was better at selling being myself I had something to offer to the workforce as far as making money that way I’m a hard worker I show Balt all the time it just it worked for me but I tell people all the time go to school go to college is important yeah but if it’s not going to help you get where you need to go then you should probably save your money and you put it somewhere else yeah I feel like Supriya I actually feel like I totally understand where you’re coming from like if you think you don’t need it and if you’re at a good place and you’re learning by working and like you have good opportunities and I don’t think it’s you know like coming up like mandatory like it it’s it doesn’t like to find who you are absolutely yeah I completely understand much [Music] [Music] you so when I first saw you I decided that I would date you but after talking to you I still decided that I’d like to date you reason why I could tell you you seem nice and approachable I mean you can tell just by your smile I mean talking you more and find out what you’re about I was like Oh green light put a smiley face when I first saw you I decided that I would date you you seemed really approachable you’re dressed nicely after meeting with you I still decided I would date you and despite having that difference on like our educational views I really appreciated that you thought you work hard and I think that’s like something that’s really unfortunate prizes that went well yeah I had no idea was walking into I’ve never been on a blind date so this was definitely an interesting experience everybody’s got an opinion right when you see somebody it’s you feel like you know already what they’re all about I think it was also cool for me to like reevaluate might be a little education saying well have you gotten lunch I’m really fun great oh yeah yeah I’m always hungry assumptions are good to a certain extent but they’re not everything when you’re trying to meet someone new there’s honestly fucking a great meeting you feel I’ll definitely think that lunch okay sounds good Oh [Music]

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