Xcode for Windows (2020) – iOS app development on Windows using MacStadium

Hey CodeCrew today I’m going to show you how to make an app using Xcode for Windows now if you do a search for this topic you’ll find a lot of articles and videos saying how you can’t get Xcode on Windows and then they’re going to proceed to give you a list of alternatives now it’s true that there’s no Windows version of Xcode but I’m not gonna leave you high and dry today we’re gonna dive a little deeper and I’m gonna show you step by step instructions on how to set up what I think is the best solution for beginners who are non-technical and who want to dabble in iOS app development without committing too much of a upfront investment all right stay tuned welcome to code with Chris, the place to be if you want to learn how to make an app I’m Chris and I hear that you want to learn iOS app development and you’re using a PC well you’re not alone in fact the most trafficked page on code with Chris calm is my article on Xcode alternatives on the PC in fact I get questions about how to run Xcode on Windows every single day. So in 2019, I decided to dive a little deeper to figure out what’s the best solution for Windows users and what I found is that there is no universal one-size-fits-all best solution instead the best solution depends on what your goals are and how technical you are for example if you’re a hundred percent committed to doing iOS app development then I would say go buy a Mac or go borrow someone else’s Mac or get access to a Mac computer lab there really is no better way to do iOS app development if you’re not a hundred percent committed but you do have a technical background then building a hackintosh or using virtualization software like VirtualBox to install macOS on your PC could be a good solution however I know that a lot of my audience are non-technical beginners who aren’t sure if I was app development is for them yet and they want to try it out and see if that’s something that they like if that sounds like you then I would recommend getting access to an actual Mac maybe your friend has a MacBook that you can borrow maybe your local library has access to Mac’s now the most important thing is that you can install Xcode on those machines so that you can actually try out iOS app development and see if it’s something that you want to do long-term now if you can’t get your hands on a Mac the next best solution is to rent remote access to a Mac there are services out there which allow you to connect to a Mac over an internet connection and you’re going to see that Mac’s desktop on the desktop of your PC in a window and you can control that Mac like that now this is not as ideal as actually having access to a Mac because there is a little bit of a lag as you’re controlling that computer through an internet connection but compare this with the actual investment of buying a Mac upfront which starts at $800 now if you’re anything like me you’ve probably bought a ton of stuff in the past that you thought you would use a lot more than you actually did for be gym memberships come to mind so instead of investing in Arman and like buying a Mac upfront I would first invest into one of these remote access Mac’s just to learn the basics of app development first to see if it’s something that you like and you want to do long term the service that I like the most is called MacStadium it’s because they’ve got the newest Mac and they’ve even been featured by Apple on stage so here’s what I’m going to show you how to do step one I’m going to show you how to sign up for MacStadium step two we’re going to connect to your Mac from Windows with a piece of software called TightVNC which is free step 3 we’re going to download Xcode and then step 4 we’re going to launch Xcode and build our first hello world app the first step is to sign up for MacStadium now they have a free trial but it’s not very long to be honest I like their service the best so I reached out to see if I could get something special for you guys and in fact they gave me an exclusive coupon code where you can use to get 50% off your first month that’s going to be enough time for you to go through this video go through my beginner video series where you’re going to learn the core app development skills and also enough time to get a ton of practice in and by the end of that first month you’ll be able to know if iOS app development is something that you want to continue with and you can just continue using the MacStadium service or try to find access to another Mac or to buy an actual Mac and if you find out that it’s not something that you like then hey it’s better than having bought a Mac upfront which then you’re gonna have to sell right so all you have to do is visit CodeWithChris.com/MacStadium and then you’re gonna click on the start my free trial button you’re gonna go through all of the steps and before the last confirmation button there’s a checkbox which you can enable to enter in a coupon code and you’re gonna use the coupon code CODEWITHCHRIS now I do want to mention that if you do use this coupon code to get 50% off your first month then I’m going to get a small kickback at no extra expense for you so it’s going to be a win-win situation and thank you so much for supporting my channel now we’re going to jump on the computer and I’ll show you how to sign up for MacStadium so after you go to codewithchris.com/MacStadium it’s going to bring you to this page and you can get a little more information about Mac Stadium and about the Mac’s that they have when you’re ready to sign up on the right hand side click on start my free trial and this is kind of the lowest tier Mac that they have it’s gonna be enough for iOS app development but it’s got also going to be the lowest cost for you so click on start my free trial it’s gonna allow you to configure your Mac you can leave it as it is any upgrade that you do is going to add to that monthly cost now there’s nothing that you can remove that will lower the monthly cost because this is kind of the base configuration but it’s going to be enough for us so once you’re satisfied with this click the orange start trial button on the right hand side and here you’re going to just enter in some account information you’re gonna create a brand new account so for me I’ve already got account so I’m going to just go ahead and login for you you’ll probably be creating a brand new account down there so here’s where I want to point your attention to you’re going to add a payment method but before you click on that orange button make sure that you check off I want to use a coupon code and in here put in CODEWITHCHRIS in all capital letters and then submit card payment or whatever that orange button says to proceed what’s going to happen is you’re going to get the one-day trial and then you’re going to be paying 50% off for that first month and after you submit your order it’s going to take about an hour for them to set up your Mac they’re going to send you an email right away telling you that that’s what they’re doing then you’re gonna have to wait a couple of hours for them to actually set it up you’re gonna get another email at that point with a link and you’re gonna click through that link which is going to bring you to their ticketing system and you’re going to be able to see your login credentials for your Mac now we’re going to connect to our Mac using TightVNC in your browser go to TightVNC.com and you’re going to let me go back to the home page here and you’re going to find this link called get your free copy of TightVNC click that on this page you’re going to be able to download an installer for Windows now if you’re not sure if you should to download 64-bit or 32-bit just go to your About your PC and scroll down a little bit and your gonna be able to see so here system type for me a 64-bit operating system so I’m going to download the 64-bit version so let’s go ahead and download that installer for Windows we’re gonna save it right there it’s a really small download and the reason I’m showing you each of these steps is because this installer actually has a couple of options that we want to configure so go to next read the Terms of agreement if you want and accept them and here you want to choose the custom installation type because what I want you to turn off is the type VNC server we don’t need that for this purpose that’s for actually allowing other computers to control your computer remotely that’s when you would want to install TightVNC Server and set that up and get that running all we want to do is use the TightVNC Viewer which allows us to connect to another computer so click on next and these options are fine click Next and click install click yes and then we finish alright so now we’re going to launch the program might be on my desktop oh there it is and all we have to do is specify the remote host IP address which is going to be in that installation ticket after they’ve set up your Mac so I’ve already got it saved here in my configuration but if you don’t you’re going to want to jump into that installation ticket to grab that IP address and you’re going to want to keep that password handy too because you’re going to need to use it right here now I don’t remember mine so I actually need to log in and get it all right so if you don’t see any support tickets keep in mind that there is a toggle here so you can toggle open and closed so maybe it the ticket was closed so you’re gonna need to check to close the status so there’s mine I’m gonna scroll up and grab my password we’re gonna copy and I’m just gonna paste it here and click OK and then it’s going to connect to our map there it is now this password for your administrator is the same password you just used to connect to this Mac and you might try to paste your password right here but it’s not going to work because the password that you copied is on your Windows clipboard not on your Mac clipboard so here you’re actually going to type it in manually and if your screen if you can’t see the whole desktop through this window what you can do is click these zoom buttons right here these scale and then scale out so you can kind of scale it so that you can see the entire desktop and you can also click on this fullscreen button as well all right so let me type in the password before I fullscreen it because otherwise I won’t be able to see it alright so as you can see I was playing around on the Mac but the first thing you’ll want to do is actually go into the Mac App Store and download Xcode so you should be able to see the Mac App Store icon right here and you’re gonna click on it now you’re gonna notice a little bit of a lag as you’re using your remote Mac and this is what I mentioned before you know ideally you can get access to a Mac so that you can try out iOS app development but if you don’t if you can’t and you don’t want to buy a Mac this is kind of the next best solution so in order to download Xcode through the App Store you’re going to need an Apple ID which is free and instead of signing up for it through your Mac here I would go back to your Windows desktop just visit Apple.com and up here click on sign-in and obviously you don’t have an Apple ID yet but there’s going to be a link there that says don’t have an Apple ID create one now so click that and you’re going to be able to create an Apple ID for free and after you have your Apple ID jump back into your Mac and login to the App Store and that’s going to allow you to download Xcode so search for Xcode hit enter it’s gonna bring it up and then you’re going to click on get and then install so for me it’s already open downloading and installing Xcode is probably gonna take at least an hour so I would just go grab a coffee or do something else and then come back because Xcode is quite a large program so once you’ve got Xcode installed – just launch it and you’re going to see something like this and in fact I’m just going to full screen my window take note of this keyboard command to get out of full screen ctrl alt shift + F so at this point we’re just going to create our brand new Xcode project and we’re going to do a simple Hello, World demo so we’re going to choose a single View application and you’re you’re gonna have to have a little bit of patience working with Xcode through this remote connection because there is a bit of a lag unfortunately but it’s still going to give you a chance to see if app development is for you so I had to enter a product name and change some of these organization name you can just put your own name and organization identifier is com dot whatever your name would be without spaces and I would uncheck unit tests an UI tests click on next and then we’re going to uncheck create get a repository on the Mac you’re gonna create it on the desktop now in this demo I’m just going to build a basic Hello World app but if you want a lot more instruction and a lot more teaching you should check out my beginner video series because this video is really just to demonstrate using Mac through Windows so I would go into the storyboard right now and then we would go ahead and click on this icon up here I’m going to add a label as soon as our view shows up that’s it there it’s still loading okay you’ve got it so we’re gonna go ahead click this button up here type in label so I already have a label here and then she’s gonna click and drag it on to the view alright so I’m holding the mouse here while the screen updates I’m gonna release it put it right there and now I’m gonna click on this inspector while I have that label highlighted and then I’m going to put my text box in there and I’m gonna say hello world press ENTER I’m going to Center this label by adding two constraints so click open this menu here we’re going to add a horizontal in container and vertical in container let’s wait for that check box to appear before I click add constraints and then we’re going to add these two constraints that’s going to center label onto the screen and then I’m going to run my project and the simulator is going to show up now the first time you’re gonna run your Xcode project that simulator is going to take a long time to show up so be patient subsequent times will be a little bit faster and also that simulator might be way way too big all you have to do is hold down alt and press 1 2 or 3 to change the zoom level to get it to a size that you’d like or you can click on the simulator and then click on window and you can change the zoom level as well so you know the it’s command 1, 2 or command 3 but on the windows keyboard it be alt 1 alt – there we go I’ve created a handy Xcode cheatsheet specifically for Windows users so it’s got keyboard shortcuts and reminders for a PC keyboard to download it simply click below or check the description for a link now that you have access to a Mac it’s time to learn the basics of iOS programming with my beginner video series it’s been viewed by over 1.2 million people and tons of success stories have come out of it simply click on the thumbnail and I’ll see you there

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  • QOTD ⚡Are you interested in doing iOS app development but don’t have a Mac? Leave a quick comment and let me know!👇 Download my Xcode Cheatsheet designed specifically for Windows Users (PC Keyboard Layout) ➡️ http://bit.ly/xcodeforwindows

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