Yaar Annmulle

Subtitles downloaded from www.OpenSubtitles.org Come on! Just go for it. Come on! Just go for it. Our drums are entertaining. The lyrics of our song
are entertaining. The atmosphere of the
party is entertaining. Our drums are entertaining. Why are you so hesitant
to dance. Don’t feel shy. There are young boys
ready to dance with you. Our Bhangra suggest that
you dance like crazy. Dance like crazy. Our Bhangra suggest
that you dance like… Like crazy… Dance like crazy. Come on! Just go for it. She is like a peahen. She steals hearts. Her blue eyes intoxicates boys. She is like a peahen. She steals hearts. Her blue eyes… Intoxicates boys. We dance to the music. Dance to my beat. I
will give you a ring. Our Bhangra suggest that
you dance like crazy. Dance like crazy. Our Bhangra suggest
that you dance like… Dance like crazy. Our Bhangra suggest that
you dance like crazy. Dance like crazy. Our Bhangra suggest
that you dance like… Dance like crazy. Who is it? It’s me. Sher Singh. Only my name is Sher (lion). I’m a human being. Open the door. I’ve been allotted
this room to stay. First year?
– Yes. First year. Brother, myself Khadak Sher Singh. Village: Poondrhi. Post
office: Bassian. Town: Jagraon. District: Ludhiana. Deep Sondhi. Ropar. Deep Sondhi. Ropar. That’s all? Be a nice brother and
get that in. I’m very tired. Great. Great. It’s
very hot. It’s very hot. No. Don’t close the door. Let some breeze come in. No. Why? Seniors are looking
for students to rag. I’ve heard that they rag very
badly in this college. There is raging?
– Yes. Who is it? Your father. Open the door. Don’t open it. He’s a senior. You are strange. We’ll
have to open it. Who knows. He might
be a nice person. How can he be a nice person? He is acting like a father
even before an introduction. Freaks… can’t open the door? Sorry, bro. What did you say? Sorry, bro.
– Brother. Don’t you know how
to talk to your seniors? This is what you’ve learnt at home? You should talk to
me with respect. Always. Got it? Yes. Always. Yes. I got it. Shah Rukh Khan, did you get it? Yes, of course. I did. Come on then. Open your
bags and get your things checked. Everything? Don’t you get it at one go? Yes. Open. These are the vests. Drawstrings. Shorts. Socks. This… There is nothing else.
– What was that? This is an English book. I’m not every fluent in it. Did you get anything to eat
or did you just get the book? Yes, of course. I
did. Look at this. Jaggery. And? ‘Pinni'(Sweetmeat) prepared
by my mother. They are very tasty.
– Okay. So? What have you brought? Books. English. Economics. Political science. You are out of your mind? What? While going to a bar, you
don’t take liquor with you. Got it? I’ve never been to a bar. Come on, nerd. Tell
me 19.7’s tables. 19.7 times 1 is 19.7. 19.7 times 2 is 39.4. 19.7 times 3 is 59.1. 19.7 times 4 is…
– Stop. How much did you
score in 12th grade? 94 percent. What? Then what are you doing here? Why didn’t you join a medical
or an engineering college? It was close to my house. My mother is all alone. That’s why. Didn’t you get something
good from home? Yes, of course. Ms. Pooja’s tape. Listen… I’ll be back in a while. Mop the room well before I return. If I find even a speck of dust… …I’ll make you clean the
entire college hostel. Got it?
– Yes. Brother.
– Yes? What’s your name? Guru.
– Yes, Guru. Listen… Where are you going? To the bathroom.
– Ba… bathroom? You are great. Come on, I too will go with you. I too want to relieve myself. Let’s go. Let’s go. Come on, sit. Stand up. You are acting very smart! Do
sit-ups. – Stop. What is it, tiny? I’m here to meet the freshers. And you are trying to escape me. What is it? Don’t you wish to get
introduced to seniors? We do, brother. But we feel very scared. They say you should neither befriend
a cop nor make him your enemy. You talk a lot. Come on, clean the toilet
with your tongue. If you do it on your own, you’ll
have to clean only one. If I’ll have to make you do then
you’ll have to clean all of them. Brother, please let us go. We have already been ragged. Who else can rag you other than me? His name was Guru. Guru? Is he your husband? You are taking his name
very affectionately. That’s because he is a senior. Guru? Your senior? Tiny, he fooled you both. He is a first year student. What? –
What? – Yes. He has been flunking since
the past two years. He’ll never change. He’s spoilt. I think I’ll have to settle
the score with him. Then say whatever
you want to, today. I don’t have time to waste
on you, everyday. My ‘Pinni’. Listen to me very carefully, Guru. I’ve been lenient to you until now. Because you joined college with us. But now enough is enough. You are a first year student
and I’m a senior. Never forget that. I didn’t. That’s why
I let you say all this. Otherwise I don’t even let anyone’s
father talk such nonsense. You… Excuse me. Come on. There will be no
ragging taking place today. Brother, you fooled us well. You literally made my tongue twist. Deep had even started given
respect to the bathroom. You are great. The ‘Pinnis’ are
very tasty, brother. I thought I won’t get to eat them. But as they say
some wishes do come true. Wonderful. Mother has
sent me to heaven. Listen… You have introduced yourself to us. Now let us introduce ourselves. He’s Deep Sondhi from Ropar. And… Myself Khadak Sher Singh. Village: Poondrhi. Post office: Bassian.
Town: Jagraon. District: Ludhiana. Actually, we wanted to thank you
for saving us from ragging. Guru. You want to thank me?
– Yes. Go to Room No. 420.
– Okay. There is someone
called Bhoondi there. He has something that belongs to me.
– Okay. Okay. Get it.
– Okay. Who is it? Yes? Who are you?
– Hello. Myself Khadak Sher Singh.
Village: Poondrhi. Post office: Bassian. Stop it. You start
giving details… …like a missing person’s
report everywhere. Village: Poondrhi. You should least take the situation
into consideration. I was just introducing
myself. It will make our work easier. Hey Atro, Chatro, stop fighting. First tell me, why are you here? Well, are you Boondi? Yes, I am. If you have a doubt
then let me clear it. Well, Guru sent us
here for his things. Okay. Just a minute. Wait here. Here. Hold it. Give me 350.
– Rupees? Brother, you don’t
get beer for free. No, boys. It’s difficult
to get another room. Brother, please do
something. Please. Why don’t you understand? Rooms are scarce. There are a lot of boys. Hostel has turned into a zoo. Then brother, place
us with a monkey. Even a pig will do. But we cannot stay with that
person. It’s the question of our life. Why don’t you understand? Sir… This is my request. Please do something. Look, boys. This is your room. Room No. 340. The room opposite
to it is Room No. 320. You can be adjusted there. No, brother. Not
the opposite one. No. Brother, can’t we get a room
at the other end of 340? Son, times have changed. Petrol has become so expensive. That’s all I can do for the
request you have made. Here. That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. This request can only go this far. Room No. 372. 375. 380. 390. 395. 400. Stop. Stop. Stop. Don’t make anymore requests.
– Why? After that come the
warden’s bungalow. I cannot get that vacated. Yes. Go guys leave. Go. Go. I’ll do something. Go. Deep… Are you asleep? No. I’m awake. What is it? I can’t sleep. Had I been in my
village, mother would have… …added sugar in warm milk
and made me drink it. I would lie down in the courtyard… …Iooking at the
sky filled with stars… …I would have
slept within five minutes. Look over here. There is no sky or stars. There’s just a mud coloured lizard
clung to the wall here. Deep, I was wondering if that
lizard’s name is Rita. Rita. Sher… Let me tell you, you
say such sweet things. College life will be fun with you. Brother, it will be fun for you. But we need a lot
more to have a lot of fun. Like? ‘Cheeji’. ‘Cheeji’? You mean chocolates
and toffees? No. ‘Cheeji’ means girls. Women. Okay. Now I get it. That’s the reason you have come
to the city to study. Right? That’s one of the reasons. It is a part of
college life, right? Yes. True. Then let us do one thing. Tomorrow morning we will
go to college all dressed up. Okay? New girls. New
crowd. New friends. Who knows in future a
girl might befriend us. Good morning, sir. Good morning. Class, please sit down. Thank you, sir. First of all, I am
Prof. Devinder Kakkad. I welcome all of
you to this college. Thank you, sir. – Thank
you, sir. – Thank you, sir. Before the introductions let me
tell you something important. Firstly, I’ll be teaching
you economics. And I will teach such
economics to you… …that you might forget your name… …but you will never forget
what I’ve taught you. Secondly… A lot of small tests will be
conducted all around the year. And some big assignments as well. All of these will be taken
into consideration… …while making you fail
or pass the class. And the third one. I hate the students who fail. Because one who fails in his
studies, fails in life. Understood? Sure, sir. We’ll try our best to
meet your expectations. Very good. Flatterer. Studies have not yet started and she
is already trying to score more. So, come on, let’s introduce
ourselves to each other. Okay. Start from you. My name is Parminder. I am from Patiala. I
did my 12th grade from YPS. Okay. I am Manpreet and I have
done my 12th grade from Amritsar. Stop it. If professor sees you
he will get angry unnecessarily. Stop it. No one is looking at us. I am looking at girls. Girls. Let me see if someone
is a match for me or not. Hi, everyone. I’m Priyanka. I’m from Chandigarh. I did
my schooling in Canada. But now my parents have shifted
to India so now I’m here. I couldn’t see her face. But she sounds so nice. Her name is also so nice. Prinka. Not Prinka. Priyanka. That’s what I am saying. Prinka. Priyanka. Prin-ka. I’m Amandeep Kaur Maan. From Ropar. She is from your city. So what? Aren’t there any girls in Ropar? Hey, I’m just forming connections. Boys. You two. Talk later. First stand up
and give your introduction. Sir, myself Khadak Sher Singh. Village: Poondrhi. Post
office: Bassian. Town: Jagraon. District: Ludhiana. I don’t want to
send letters to you. Tell me something important. Sir, I did my 12th grade from senior
secondary school Bassian. And… I… I really like this
college. Thank you. Fine. Sit. You, next. Sir, I’m Deep Sondhi from Ropar. I did my 12th grade
from St. Josephs. Okay. Sit down. Next. Hello, sir. I’m Simarpreet
Kaur Dhillon. I’m from Jalandhar. I did my 12th grade from
MGM Public School. I have topped the entrance exam. And I’m sure I will
top here as well. I want to be an IAS officer. Very good. Very good. Sit down.
– Thank you, sir. A flatter as well as a scholar. She acts a thief as well as a cop. Deep, my buddy… Why did everyone laugh at me? Not at you, but at what you said. You are a jolly person, right? Okay. Okay. Thank you, sir.
– Next. Hi. Hello. I…
– Enough. Enough. Enough, son. I’ll give your introduction
to everyone. He is a very noble person. An eternal being. A pillar of our college
which doesn’t move from its place. He is here since
the past two years. He won’t be going
anywhere. He’ll be staying here. Like the ministers don’t like
leaving their positions… He is just like them. He is our capable failure minister. Gurveer Singh Sidhu. Please give a huge round
of applause for him. Okay. Okay. Okay. So, Guru, am I right? Well, everything is fine, sir, but
you didn’t the reason why I flunked. Really? Okay, tell
me, what is the reason? Well, sir, if I pass
and go to the next class… …then who will remind you that
your pant’s zip is open? Shut up. Shut up. You… Get out. Get out now! Get out! Yes, mother. It is a very nice college, mother. Don’t worry. I like the place. Son, why did they teach
you in college today? Mother, it was the first day. Introduction has taken place. Why kind of an illness is that? Mother, it is not an
illness. Introduction. It means getting
introduced to each other. These city ideologies are beyond
my comprehension, son. All I know is that the city
swallows village lads. Mother, don’t be
disheartened. For my sake. Here, talk to your father. Hello. I’m Nachchattar Singh. Father, I know your name. Hello, father. I
seek your blessings. Bless you, son. Are you alright? Yes, father. I am
fine. How are you? I’m fine with God’s grace. You tell me something new. There’s nothing else to say. My lectures started today. I, too, have prepared
the land near the well. I am thinking of
planting round-gourd. Yes. Plant round-gourds. Anything else, father? How are you? I am fine, son. You tell me. I am fine, father. You tell me. I’ll talk to you later. It’s time to give water
to the animals. Okay then. Bye, father. Take care. Bye.
– Bye So? Spoke to your folks? What can I say? My mother doesn’t stop worrying. And I don’t understand what
to say to my father. He talks about round-gourds
and I talk about college lectures. Don’t worry. Listen to me. There is bound to
be some difference… …in the old and the
new generation, right? Don’t spoil your mood. Sher. Come closer and listen to me. That girl is sitting
right behind you. Which girl?
– Prinka. Deep, I have to see her face today. What should I do? It’s very simple. Get up, stand before her and say… Hello. Myself Khadak Sher
Singh. Village: Poondrhi. Don’t joke with me. Idea. There is a water
dispenser over there. I’ll go there with an
excuse to drink water. I’ll drink some water
and also see her face. I’ll be right back. Water is falling
down. What are you doing? Hurry up.
– I’m drinking it. Hurry up. I’m very thirsty. What would you like to eat? Hurry up. One strong coffee.
– Okay. Hey.
– Hurry up. Wait. I’m very thirsty. Yes, I think I can come. First drink the water. Wait. Wait. I, too, am thirsty. I am drinking it right before you. I’ll be there in ten minutes, okay? – See you.
– Bye. I’m very thirsty. What are you waiting for? Here, hold it. Here, drink it. So, how is your Prinka? No. I couldn’t see her face. But because of her I have
had so much water… …that I am in a bad state. I’ll have to go. –
Let’s go. – Come on. Hold it. Deep… At least don’t make such noises. It’s no fun without
the noises. Wait. Sher.
– Wait for two minutes. Sher, Saabu. Hello, brother. How are you? Guru saved you the other day. I will have a proper introduction
with you today. Yes, brother. We should get introduced. It’s very important. Just give me two minutes. One cannot stop nature’s call. Two minutes. Hello, brother. Myself
Khadak Sher Singh. Village: Poondrhi. Post office:
Bassian. Town: Jagraon. District: Ludhiana. I’ll wash my hands.
– Wait. You don’t need to wash your
hands for the work… …I am about to make you do. Tell me. Tell me, brother. What
work do you want me to do? I’ll do it right away. A friend in
need is a friend indeed. – Yes. Come on, hold his face and
put it in the toilet. And flush it. I won’t be able to do it. Never refuse me again. I won’t do it. I won’t do it.
– Don’t do it. Come on, you flush his face. Yes, brother. As you say. Are you out of your mind? I got beaten by a bat for you. And
you agreed at the first threat? I am saying it to save you. I don’t like flushing out
someone else’s urine. Come on, it will only take a minute.
– Shut up. What a pair. One is stupid and
the other is coward. What did you say, brother? Coward. If it is so then even
I will not such a thing. That’s better. Well done, my boy. Think over it. If I’ll hit you with a
bat it will hurt badly. I don’t care. Hit
him as much as you want. Not him. You. Come on, flush their faces
and make them drown. They should know what happens… …when they don’t listen to Saabu. Come on. I will teach you a lesson.
Come on. Take him. – No. No. Wait. What’s up? Now you will wash this shirt
and return it to me. Wear it, Saabu. For this you need courage
and not brawn. Then let me see your courage today. I am not courageous,
I am very courageous. I don’t have so much of time
to waste everyone, one by one. Everyone come together. This will get
resolved sooner. Okay? What is your problem, Gurveer? Sometimes you trouble teachers. Sometimes you pick up fights. Do you know that
boy got 15 stitches? And then the other damages… I am lenient because
of your father. Otherwise I would have
thrown you out of college long back. This is my last warning, Gurveer. If you don’t change, then I won’t
think about your father. I will suspend you from
college. Got it? What is it, Sher? We don’t have time to sit. Quickly pack your things. We need
to leave before Guru returns. Hurry up. I think we are not doing
the right thing with him. Listen to me. What he is doing
with us is also not right. And then, even Saabu is behind
us because of Guru. It’s not wrong to
think about oneself. You quickly pack your bags. We have to leave. Hurry up. Come on. Hurry up. Goodbye, Rita. If we are destined to
meet I’ll see you again. Hello, father. Welcome, prince. Welcome. I feel blessed as you came here. By the way, what is it? Where were you? We had no information
or news about you. You wouldn’t call me. Nor would you answer my calls. I am here now. Oh. Thank you very much. You did your father a huge
favour by coming here. By the way I know why you are here. You must have run out of money. Am I right? Am I an ATM machine? That you come to me whenever
you need money? Don’t you have any responsibility? You didn’t think it
was necessary to tell me… …that you had failed
once again, this year. Your principal had called
to complain about you. That’s when I came to know. He cannot keep anything to himself. Have some shame. Have some shame. People go to college to study so
that they can improve their life. So that they can become
good human beings. But you are turning to an animal. You know, how much
I had to apologise… …to the boy you thrashed
black and blue? I had to even give
money to suppress the issue. Let me live in peace
at least at this age. What an useless child I have. Look, Gurveer… …listen to me very carefully. Either mend your ways… …or never ask me for money again. – What have you made for dinner tonight?
– Dinner? There’s flatbreads, black
lentils and potatoes. People like you keep coming
and my work goes on. Do one thing. Make
four scrambled eggs for me. Sorry. You are late. Now I cannot make anything. Now you will have
to eat what is made. Okay, get whatever you have. I am hungry. Get it.
– Get it. Hello. Hello, Guru. Order me, sir. You wish to eat something tasty? Don’t worry. Bablu is your brother. I have chilli cottage cheese,
Bengal grams. Soft and fresh. If you want I can make
scrabbled eggs for you. No. You don’t need to come here. I’ll send it to your room. You just wait for five minutes. I’ll be right there. That’s great, Bablu. For him there is chilli cottage
cheese, Bengal grams… …scrabbled eggs and what
we get is a simple no? We came first. Serve us first. Or are you scared of Guru? Brother, this isn’t about fear. It’s about love. Love. Guru is a very nice person. He has done me a lot of favours. – He is a gem of a person.
– Gem of a person? But is he infamous in the college. That’s because Guru
does what he pleases. But why is he so bitter? You see, when one gets hurt badly… …he turns bitter. Guru used to be a
very nice person… …when he had come to college. He fell in love with a
girl and that girl betrayed him. From that day onwards Guru
changed completely. But he takes good care of me. He bought me this mobile. Forget it. I got
late talking to you. Wait for five minutes. I’ll go serve
dinner to Guru and return. Then I will feed
you whatever you want. Deep.
– Yes. What are you doing? The place where I am sitting… …there only one thing can be done. I mean are you too thinking like me?
– Yes. Guru is not a bad person.
– Yes. ‘Try to understand. I’m getting
married tomorrow.’ ‘Lf you get married I will… ‘ ‘No, Guru. You
won’t do any such thing.’ ‘Swear by me.’ ‘You could have made your family
swear by you as well.’ ‘You can make such demands… ‘ ‘… only where you have a right.’ ‘Right, Guru? ‘ Why? Don’t you want
to say a dialogue today? Saabu, not today. I am not in the mood today. But I am in the mood. ‘This is our last meeting. I want you to bid
me goodbye with smile.’ ‘So that when I leave, I can take
your smiling face with me.’ He is smiling. Teach him a lesson. He shouldn’t be
able to smile again. Hit him.
– You… Kiddo, why are you
inviting trouble? How are you concerned with him? He is our friend. You will have to deal with us
before you touch him. Come on. Let’s go. That’s enough for today. He won’t get up from the
bed for the next 10 days. We will teach them a lesson
some other time. Guru.
– Guru. Brother. Get up. How are you feeling now, Guru? I’m feeling better now. Tell me something. Usually you bash them up so
badly, what went wrong yesterday? Just like that. I wasn’t in the mood to fight. It’s difficult to know your mood. They were beating and
you were smiling. Just like that. I remembered something. I’m sure it must be funny. Yes, it’s funny. We wanted to tell
you something, buddy. What? We wanted to say sorry to you. We misunderstood you, buddy. It’s okay. In fact, I also wanted to
thank you… for saving me. It’s okay, buddy. Yes, seriously. Thanks, dude. Dude? What is this? It’s not ‘Doodh’ (milk), it’s
dude. It means stylish Yankee. Okay, so it means
me? Just like me. Right? We are cool. So cool. We are village dudes. O yeah. We exchange jeans and shirts. We challenge each other. We sit and have fun on the bike
and flirt around with the girls. Sometimes we sing English songs. Sometimes we eat
pizzas and burgers. And then we eat the jaggery
which comes from our village. We are village dudes. We are village dudes. We are village dudes. The hostel is our den and
our room no. Is 340. We make tea in the middle
of the night on the heater. We stick posters on the walls
and romance with the pictures. We console our friend by
saying, Don’t worry she’ll be yours. Washing clothes is a big problem,
so we wear the same jockey shorts. We apply deodorant on the socks
and show off to everybody. Our standard is high
during the day… …but the fact is that
we are villagers by heart. We are village dudes. We are village dudes. We are village dudes. We are village dudes. Students, today, I’m going to teach
you all financial management. Sir. Approaches to a
budgeting heady gear. So, I want all of you
to pay attention to me. Yes. Budget is not only a statement
of income and expenditure… …but is a plan for the year ahead. Indicates
programme, activities, etc, – over a period.
– Sir, I have a little confusion. Wait, where are you going? What’s the matter? Why
are you so quiet? What shall we say, sir?
We don’t have any excuse. Okay, then tell the truth. As you say, sir. Actually, sir, your lecture was… …so boring that we
were feeling sleepy… …so we were going to
the canteen to have tea. Shall we go, sir? I know that you are shameless. And you both? Are
you both with him? Get out. Get out of my class. Stand outside the classroom until
the lecture is not over. Sir.
– What is it? No, sir, that is fine. Sir, I wanted to tell you that
explain her this chapter well… …she seems to be very confused. Why don’t you take a sip? No, take it away. I
have promised my mother. Stop hogging. Spare some
dumplings for us too. Here are your dumplings.
Dumplings are important to you than me? Don’t be angry, Sheru.
Eat as much as you want. And listen to me,
don’t call me Sheru. It sounds as though you
are calling some dog. Don’t get upset.
Eat some dumplings. Shall we order some
biscuits for you? Get lost. I don’t want
to sit with you. Listen, don’t be angry. Tell us did
you like some pretty lass or not? Pretty lass? There are many pretty
girls in the college. For example? For example Balvinder Kaur. Oh, she has moustache, buddy. Harpreet Kaur. Harpreet. No.
– No, buddy. Have you seen
Neetu? She is very pretty. Not bad. Radhika. Okay. There are many other pretty
girls in the college. Then what is the problem? The problem is none of
them match with us. This is wrong, Sheru. You are not at all dashing. Shut up. Stop making fun of me. You’ll see one day I’ll
date one of the… …best looking girls
from our college. Then you must go
and talk to Priyanka. How can I go and talk to her? I haven’t
even seen her face as yet. Whenever I try to see her face some
or the other problem comes up. Either she is absent for the lecture
or I am busy with my studies. Hello, which studies
are you talking about? I have never seen you studying. Don’t say like this. Although I get only thirty
marks, I try my level best. Why don’t you try your
level best for Priyanka? You’ll come to know whether
you’ll pass or fail. No, I won’t take any
step without seeing the face. What if she doesn’t match
me? What will I do then? And what is she
matches your choice? I’ll still consider. Hey you. Okay, students. See you tomorrow Excuse me, can I get
back my clip please? Hello, can I get my clip back? What? Okay, I said, can I get
my clip back… please? What? Give me my clip please. Thanks. Deep. Deep. Deep. Deep. What is it? Tell me once again what did
Priyanka say in English? I have already told
you so many times. Please let me sleep, buddy. It’s
two o’clock in the night. Tell me, please, tell me. Tell him or else he’ll
keep you awake the whole night. She said, Can I get
my clip back please? Oh, my God. She just wanted her clip back. You are behaving as if
she asked for your heart. You city people
don’t understand this. In all these years, in the village,
if a girl has told me anything… …she has told me only this… …Hey you, pass the
cow dung cakes to me. Today a girl asked
for a clip from me… …and that too in
English. I’m so happy. This boy has gone out of control. Who wants to be in control? Has anything ever such happened… …with both of you that
you see a girl… …for the first time and your heart
starts saying hello to her? Though not hello, hello,
but it has said yes. Scoundrels, stop making fun of me. You see I’m going to propose
Priyanka in the morning… …and that too in English. In English? Yes, my friend. Will you do friendship with me? Will you do friendship with me? Will you do friendship with me? Hello.
– What is it? Where is the library? I
want to make a membership card. I don’t know. What are you saying? You study here and you
don’t know where the library is. Go straight then take
a right and then left. Isn’t the library over there? When you know then
why are you troubling me? I was trying to confirm. Go, don’t bother me. Go. Strange guy. What was it? I forgot everything.
I had mugged it up so well. Hello. Hello. Hello. I want to… Yes. Myself Khadak Sher
Singh. Village: Poondrhi. Post office: Bassian. Town:
Jagraon. District: Ludhiana. Okay. Yes. I wanted to tell
you something else. What? – What did you want to tell me?
– I had mugged it up so well… …but English is a very difficult
language, I forgot. Okay, then you try to
remember, I’m going. No, no, I remember it. I got it. – Will you do membership with me?
– What! Membership? You mean friendship, right? Yes, yes, you are
right. Friendship. So cute. What? I liked the way you said that
you want to be my friend. So you liked it?
– Yes, it was funny. Then?
– Then what? Your answer. Yes, of course. Of
course, we both can be friends. We both study in the same class
so there’s no problem at all. Right? Right. Absolutely right. Hi, Sher Singh, I’m Priyanka. Hello, Prinka.
– No, no, it’s Priyanka. Prinka. P-R-l-Y-A-N-K-A.
Priyanka P-R-l-Y-A-K.
Prinka. No problem. It’s okay. You
are funny, Sher Singh. Yes, I am. Okay, so I’ll see
you in the class then? Bye. I have won my battle, Tinka. I saw your pretty face and
fell in love with you. I saw your pretty face and
fell in love with you. I have fallen
madly in love with you. I have fallen
madly in love with you. I have fallen
madly in love with you. When Tinka met Prinka… When Tinka met Prinka… When Tinka met Prinka… When she opens her mouth
and speaks in English with me… When she opens her mouth
and speaks in English with me… She takes my breath away. She takes my breath away. She takes my breath away. When Tinka met Prinka… When Tinka met Prinka… When Tinka met Prinka… I’ll marry you and take
you to my village. Everybody will be shocked. I’ll marry you and take
you to my village. Everybody will be shocked. My heart beats for only for you. My heart beats for only for you. My heart beats for only for you. When Tinka met Prinka… When Tinka met Prinka… When Tinka met Prinka… Guru, what do keep writing
in this diary? I have seen you writing
in it so many times. Nothing, just writing
old some expenses. You aren’t so concerned
about money to keep a tab on them. It’s not always about money, Deep. There are other things as well. Okay, fine. If you don’t
want to tell then don’t. Come on I’m very hungry
let’s go and have lunch. Let’s go. Good morning, sir. Good morning, students.
Please be seated. Thank you, sir. Check your paper and pass it on. Students, your papers are checked. I’m quite satisfied with
your performance. Some students have performed
very well. For example Simmi. She has scored highest
marks in the class. 99 out of 100. Well done, Simmi.
– Thank you, sir. Ninety-nine? Three boys
can pass in these marks. My paper is not there. Not even mine. My paper is never there. There are some students
who have performed very well… …but there are
three such students… …I would like to mention
specially about. I’m feeling ashamed after
checking their papers. First one is Deep Sondhi. He had passed with good
marks in 12th grade… …but I feel that
he has fallen into… …some bad company in
the college lately. He has passed with grace marks. And second is Khadak Sher Singh. I have never come across an
overconfident person like him. He has attempted only thirty-three
marks paper… …because he had full confidence… …that he’ll pass with
thirty-three marks. And he has scored twenty marks. And the third one, I
have no words to express him. Gurveer Singh. He has scored zero. Because he has written
the story of Titanic movie… …in his Economics paper. Well done. It was a good movie, guys. I should have scored at least
three to four marks. I request three of you
to please stand up. It’s not as if we
are going to pray… …We could have
talked sitting down. Would you like to say
anything, Khadak Sher Singh? No, sir. Deep Sondhi? No sir. Okay. Sir, I want to ask something. Yes, ask. Sir, if you don’t like
romantic movies… …can I write a story of an
action movies next time? – Shut up. You should have seen Kakkad’s face. Why do you insult him so much? I don’t do it on
purpose. It just happens. It just happens. But listen to me.
– Yes? Other professors too scold you. I don’t feel bad
when others scold me. I can sense hatred
in Kakkad’s words. He behaves as if the students
who don’t study… …don’t have any feelings. He feels if a student doesn’t study
he cannot do anything in life. It’s not so. Intelligence is
not limited to studies. Other things count as well. Deep, every person… every
person has a talent. Great. Great. Listening to you I feel
I shouldn’t study. Why shouldn’t you? What will you tell your parents? Why do you remind me of it? I am already worried how I will
tell them that I flunked a test. Why do you worry? This test won’t be counted
for the final. Our final assignment is
the most important thing. If you clear that, you
clear your finals. What do I know? But I am worried
about that as well. What will I do in it? I am there for you, right? Yes. But I too need to do
something on my own, right? Yes, you will if you get a break
from doing Prinka’s job. Don’t exaggerate. Got it? She doesn’t make
me do a lot of things. Really? Then who bunked college
the whole day… …the day before yesterday
to service her car? Yes, I had. So? If she affectionately tells
me to do a few things… …then why do you guys feel hurt? It will hurt you when your father
hits his slipper on your rear. That is what I fear. I don’t understand
what I should do. I cannot lie. I won’t
be able to tell the truth. Look, come here. I have an idea.
– What? How much did you score?
– 20. 20.
– How much did you attempt? 33. So technically… Technically, you
scored 20 out of 33? Right?
– Yes. So Deep, how much
percentage is that? 60. 60.
– There you go. 60. So I got 60%
– Yes. Very good. Great. Oh no. Kiran Bedi is back. You are giving such a good
advice to your friend. Great.
– Simmi, we are just kidding. Yes, how can I tell
my parents that. You will know the result of this
joke when you will fail the final. It won’t make a difference to him. But your life will get ruined. If he is your friend he should
be worried about you. Right? But he is turning you like him. Ask her what is her problem. Why is she after my life? You had called me
a flatterer, right? Then let me tell you, I would
prefer to be a flatterer… …than be useless
and duffer like you. Simmi, please. You are crossing your limits now. Guru is neither useless nor duffer. Really? I have never heard him
say anything intelligent. He cannot do anything other
than thrash people. I’ll make a move. Otherwise… Guru, here you are. We have been looking
for you since so long. Come, let’s go and have dinner. The mess will close down. Come on. I am not hungry.
You guys go and eat. You are still
thinking about what Simmi said? She is stupid. Why get angry over
something she said? And if you are angry then
vent it out on her. Why are you making
us starve? Let’s go. I told you. I am not hungry. You guys go and eat. Forget it. We won’t eat. Give me the bottle. You don’t need to sit
here. Go and study. Otherwise everyone will
say you flunked because of me. Why are you talking like kids? Let people say
whatever they want to. We three know this very well that… …you might be
behind whatever good we do. But you have nothing to
do what we do badly. True. Brother, I am ready to write
in on a stamp paper… …that I failed on my own. You are getting
angry unnecessarily. You laughed at my first joke. For you Sheru is the right name. You are a dog. Everyone is a dog. Everyone is a dog. Scientists just said that
our ancestors were monkeys. True. Guru. You write so well. I told you not to touch my diary. You write so well that
I couldn’t resist. I doubted that there is something
special in this diary. But I didn’t know that
you write poetry in it. Beware if you tell anyone about it. Why? What’s there to hide in it? Deep, you don’t understand. If people like Saabu find out
that Guru writes poetry… …he will lose his reputation
in college. Fine, I won’t. But at least tell me from
whom have you write it. Tell us. Why hide it from us? I am not hiding anything. Just like that. The one I wish to forget. I don’t feel like
talking about her. Okay, brother. If you don’t
feel like it then don’t. Don’t spoil your mood. Come on, let’s have dinner. Come on, I’m starving. Come on. – Come. – At
least tell us her name. Mandeep Singh.
– Yes, sir. Manpreet Chahal.
– Yes, sir. Priyanka Singh.
– Yes, sir. Priyanka Singh. Yes, sir. Priyanka Singh. Yes, sir. – Priyanka Singh.
– Yes, sir. Say it loudly…
– Hail Goddess. Sher Singh. I think you know
what you have to do. Yes, sir. I am so stupid. Goddess trapped me. Sorry, sir. Okay, students. Before I start the lecture… …I want to inform all of you… …that students who wish to participate
in the college festival… …should write their names in this
register after the lecture. And then go and meet Ms. Bharati
of the organizing committee. Okay? – Yes, sir. – Come
on, let’s start now. Prinka. Hi, Sheru. Hello, Priyanka. Hello, Priyanka. What are you doing here? You didn’t go to give my proxy? What do I say, Priyanka? Kakkad threw me out of the class
as I was giving your proxy. I’m so sorry. Why are you apologising, Priyanka? I should be the one apologising. You asked me to do such a small
job and I couldn’t even to that. Sorry.
– So sweet. That I am. It’s okay. Sheru.
– Yes? Will you do me
another small favour? Please. You don’t need to ask. Order me. Okay. Well, I am busy
for the next two days. So, please, can you somehow complete
my pol-science assignment? You know the one we have
to submit day after tomorrow? No problem. Your job will be done. Thank you. You’re a life
saver. And you’re so sweet. See you. She pulled my
cheeks and called me sweet. Now I won’t wash this cheek. Hi, friends. That was Khalsa College’s
western song. Before we move towards
our next program… …a first year student
of this college… …Deep Sondhi is presenting
a special item. Friends. Buddies. I am presenting this item, today… …not because I want to take
part in the festival… …or that I want praises. I am only doing this
to show a few people… …that what notion they have
about my dear friend… …my priceless friend, Gurveer
Singh is absolutely wrong. So, hence I am going to
sing a song written by Gurveer. Buddies, if you have ever
suffered from heartbreak… If you have ever felt hurt… If you have ever felt like crying… Then I am sure that you will
really like this song. Listen to these
words written by Gurveer… …and feel what kind of
a person he must be. Anyone who walks the path
of love barefoot… …will soon have a
piece of glass under his foot. If anyone who looks
into soul through my eyes… …shall face the truth. It is not easy to belong to anyone. It’s like a glass piercing
in the eyes. My heart still yearns. The wound is still raw. My heart still yearns. The wound is still raw. I can no longer… …hide it in my heart. Let my feelings
flow out through my eyes. Let me cry a little. Let me cry a little. Let me cry a little. Let me cry a little. Will it hit or not?
Want to bet 50? He is here. A new poetry has
come up in my mind. I’ll say right away.
– Alright. Here you go. The boy keeps mugging
the books of MBD all night. Good one, Sheru, great. Don’t call me Sheru. All
the girls are sitting close by. The boy keeps mugging
the books of MBD all night. He passes with only thirty
three percent marks… …after working so hard. Excellent. What’s wrong with you? Nothing. From the day the
festival got over in the college… …everybody is
behaving very strangely with me. The boys aren’t scared of me and
the girls keep smiling at me. Deep, didn’t I warn
you to not touch my diary? Sorry, buddy, you became so
upset that day due to Simmi… …that I couldn’t control myself. Guru, you are very strange. First of all, he has tried to improve
your image in the college… …and on top of that you
are angry with him. If you have any kind of problem… …then why don’t you say
it in front of everybody… …that this poetry
was not written by you… …and Sheri has written it. I’ll handle all those girls
who keep smiling at you. Deep, I’m really very sorry
but I’m not used to all this. Then get used to it. Excuse me, Guru. Can I talk to you for a minute? What’s the matter? Can you please come a bit aside? Side? Tell me what you want to say, here. Guru, I have behaved very
badly with you till today… …so I wanted to apologize to you. I’m really very sorry. What? Please forgive me. It’s okay. Thank you, Guru. I hope we’ll forget our past
fights and start afresh. So, friends? Thank you. Bye. Thank you. Deep.
– Hello, mother. Hello, son, how are
you? Are you okay? I’m fine. Mother, they are my
roommates and classmates as well. He’s Sheru, and he’s Guru.
– Hello, aunt. Hello. God bless you
son. Please come in. Come. Come on in. Come.
– Come. Come in. Aunt, from the day Priyanka
has touched his cheek… …this fool has not washed
the left side of his face. How many days has it been? Five days.
– Today is the fifth day, aunt. He covers his left
side daily in the morning… …and washes the other
side and keeps singing. I’m feeling on top of the world. Stop it. Tease me as much as you want. I know you both are jealous of me. Jealous of you? – Here, have some jaggery, son.
– Very good. Aunt, I’m going to take
all of this with me. You get some more.
– You are so shameless, Guru. Why are you saying like this?
This is also like my own house. Isn’t it, aunt?
– Yes, son. In fact I’m so glad that my Deep… …has found such good
friends like you. Come. Come on. Okay, mother, take care. Okay, son, you too take care.
– Okay. Okay, aunt, goodbye. We’ll come again to
empty your kitchen. You’re most welcome. Do come. Yes. Goodbye. Alright.
– Go carefully, okay. Goodbye, aunt.
– Goodbye. Let’s go. Just a moment, Deep.
– Yes. Mrs. Sharma was saying something
About Manna’s daughter… What’s her name? Yes, Aman. She is also studying
in your college. Which Aman? Now have you forgotten Aman also? You both have studied together
from Lower KG… …to the 12th grade. What? What happened? From the time we have left
home, both of you are staring at me. What happened? Why have you stopped the jeep? Tell us first. Do you think that
we both are fools? What do you mean? Meaning? You have been studying from your
kinder garden… What is it? Aman? Buddy, not KG from lower KG. Yes. And you are pretending
that you don’t know her? Why? What’s the matter, buddy? Nothing at all. You
guys are impossible. Look, tell us clearly or
else we both will go and ask Aman. Do I have to tell you everything?
– Yes, everything… …with all the details. Hurry up. To tell you frankly… …the fact is that… Come on, hurry up, quick.
What are you up to? Actually… I love her. You… Sorry, buddy. He has
done such a thing… …that I felt like abusing him. Alright. From when? From lower KG. Does Aman love you too? I don’t know, buddy. Is she aware about of this? I feel, no. Why? Because I never told her. You… Have you told anybody else
that you love Aman? You both are the
first ones to know about it. What kind of a
person are you, Deep? Don’t you feel like going and
Expressing your feelings to Aman? I do. Then why don’t you go and
express it, you fool. I don’t have the courage
to go and tell her. You… How do I express my love for you? How do I tell you what
I feel for you? How do I express my love for you? How do I tell you what
I feel for you? I keep imagining how to
express my love for you. My heart beats for her. But she is unaware about it. My God knows my pain,
but she is unaware about it. My God knows my pain,
but she is unaware about it. She is unaware about it. My God knows my pain,
but she is unaware about it. My God knows my pain,
but she is unaware about it. She is in my thoughts. She
is there all around me. Being so close to her I
couldn’t express my love for her. Oh Lord. Oh Lord. Oh Lord. Oh Lord. I keep imagining how to
express my love for you. My heart beats for her. But she is unaware about it. My God knows my pain, but
she is unaware about it. She is unaware about it. My God knows my pain,
but she is unaware about it. My God knows my pain,
but she is unaware about it. So, Aman has five brothers? Yes. All five are hardcore Jats. Buddy, her entire
family is like that. Why are you laughing? Will you tell me? Sheru, our Deep is so innocent… …and Aman is a hardcore Jat. And she has five brothers and
all of them are sturdy Jats. So what? Nothing, buddy. You are a very big coward. He eats chicken daily and
that too with alcohol… …and that too without chewing. They will shred you to pieces. They will beat you so badly… So it’s better to laugh now
imagining about all this. We have to cry later
on. Sheru, am I right? True. Deep, I’m warning you beforehand… …that you are going to
be in a big problem. I just can’t stop laughing
imagining about it. You fool. Couldn’t you find
any other girl for yourself? Why are you laughing so much? Haven’t you seen your own case? You can’t even call out
her name properly. You keep calling
her Prinka. Prinka. You can’t put
kerosene in a Maruti car. Kerosene in a Maruti car. What’s wrong with you? Don’t worry. You are also
going to be in our league. What do you mean?
– I’m talking about Simmi. She’s after you.
– Not at all. They will look such an
odd couple. Am I right? So funny. What happened? You are
laughing at your own insult? No. Actually… Actually, we three are idiots. Yes, you are right. Tell me one thing.
– Yes. Is she really after me? Yes. Very soon you are
going to fall in love, buddy. How can you say like that? I’m
not at all interested in her. But she is not all that bad, buddy. When did I say that
she is not nice? I’m not interested in
her at all, that’s all. At one point he says
that he wants to forget her… …and on the other, he’s
not ready to leave her. Buddy, if the wound doesn’t
gets healed on its own… …then you shouldn’t stop
the other person… …from applying balm on the wound. Stop giving me lecture. You spoilt my good mood. Alright, we won’t talk about it. Guru, at least tell us her name. Why are you staring like this? He knows everything
about our girls… …and is not ready to
even tell us her name. Tell us at least this much, buddy. Don’t tell us anything more. Rita. Rita? Rita! Rita! Oh, my God. Sorry, buddy, but Rita… Rita. Sorry, but I’ve named the
lizard in our room, Rita. You… I’m not going to spare you. God have mercy. Use your strength. Please listen to me. Otherwise there
will be a massacre. The gear of the car got stuck. While pushing the car… …she got
breathless. God have mercy. ‘I’m in love. I’m in
love. I’m in love with you.’ ‘I’m in love with you.’ ‘I’m in love with you.’ Wait! ‘I’m in love. I’m in
love. I’m in love with you.’ What are you doing? Stop it. Don’t do it, please. Stop it. Come on, come out. Leave. Oh no! Yes, Priyanka. I’m free. Yes, okay. Alright. Alright. I’ll be there
within two minutes. Okay. Oh my God! What shall I do now? What shall I do? What happened? I heard it for the first
time from her, today. Heard it for the first time.
– What? What do the foreigners say? STD.
– STD? It’s CCD. Yes, CCD. It’s our first date. Today?
– Yes. She, Priyanka and myself, Sheru… …are going for a date for
the first time to CCD. Thank you. Thank you. I’m so happy. I don’t
understand what to do. First of all, come back to your
senses, wear your clothes. Okay, listen, Sheru,
can you drive a jeep? No. Bike? No. – Will you take her out
in the auto rickshaw? I know to drive only one vehicle.
– Which one? Couldn’t you bring any
other vehicle, Sheru? Not a better vehicle than a
tractor. You just enjoy the ride. We’ll reach soon. Here it is. Here you go. Here you go. Please come. Come. So we have reached finally. I hope you enjoyed? Yes, it was fun. So, shall we go inside? Why are you hungry? No I’m not hungry and we
can’t talk standing… …here in the hot sun. I’m so sorry, Sheru, but I don’t
have the time to talk to you. Actually, I have come
to meet Shavinder. Shavinder? Actually, I have meet him
couple of times before. We have discussed
things between us. I like him a lot. And today is our
first official date. Date? Then for what have I come here for? It’s but obvious
Sheru, I was getting late… …and my car broke down. And it didn’t strike
me what else to do… …so I called you up. What’s the matter? Why are you reacting as though… …I have done something wrong? We are friends, right? I have told you… …to so many things earlier as
well and you have done them willingly. I thought that you didn’t call
Me for some work today. Then what did you think? That I have called you on a date? Are you out of your mind? I wonder what’s the
problem with guys like you. I spoke with you for
sometime and you thought… …that I’m interested in you? Why did you think so? Did
I say anything to you? Even if I didn’t
say anything to you… …you must be aware of
my feelings towards you. Oh, my God. You know what? Your feelings are your
problem, not mine. I’m not at all interested in you. After all, we don’t match at all. I’m a Canada returned girl and
you have not even been to Delhi. I mean we have nothing in common. Actually, your
height is shorter than mine. You should have thought about
all these things before… …making such an assumption. I didn’t think about it. So now sit and think it over. And please don’t ever
try to talk to me henceforth. If I ask she will… So how was your date? What’s the matter? What’s the matter? What shall I do of these tears? What shall I do of these tears? What shall I do of these tears… …which keep flowing like water. Flows. Flows. Flows. What shall I do of
the broken heart? What shall I do
of the broken heart… …which bears all your pain. Bears. Bears. Bears. Listen to me, my love.
I’m like a broken star. I’m like a broken star. What about this innocent fool? What about this innocent fool, who
chants your name all the time? Chants. Chants. Chants. My beloved. My
beloved. My beloved. My beloved. My
beloved. My beloved. The sky and the stars
and breeze are the witness… …of our meetings. They all are the witness
of my love for you. The sky and the stars
and breeze are the witness… …of our meetings. They all are the witness
of my love for you. Listen to me, my love.
I’m like a broken star. I’m a broken star. What shall I do of these flowers? What shall I do
of these flowers… …which talk about. Talk about you. Talk
about you. Talk about you. My beloved. My
beloved. My beloved. My beloved. My
beloved. My beloved. Hi, Guru. Hi. What are you thinking? Nothing. Why are you sitting here all alone? Where is Deep? In the hostel. And Sheru is also not to be
seen from last two-three days. I haven’t seen three
of you together. Either I see Deep or
you. Is anything wrong? No. I’m sure there is something or
else you would never be so unhappy. You didn’t even run after
seeing me today. Fine, if you don’t want to
tell me then it’s okay. Just tell me one
thing, is everything okay? Nothing okay. Sheru’s condition is bad. Sheru? What’s wrong with him? That fool fell in love. I tried reasoning with him
but he didn’t listen to me. He’s heartbroken now and
I can’t see him like this. That girl has crushed my
friend’s feelings like anything. Who? – The one who is
in our class. Priyanka. Priyanka? But she’s
Sheru’s good friend, am I right? She just used him. And he mistook it for love. But later, he came to know that
she loves somebody else. Priyanka likes somebody else? That third year student, Shavinder. Saabu? But how is this possible? Why? Saabu loves my roommate. What?
– Yes. Shivani has told me so many times… …that Saabu gifted her so many things
and took her out on a date. Gave her a card. This is for you… Thank you. And… This is also for you… And this one is also for you. So many gifts. Priyanka, you?
What are you doing here? Who is she, Shavinder? Why did you slap him? Because I was the one who was
sitting here on Monday, instead of you. And he was giving me gifts. Scoundrel. Shivani, gifts. What’s the matter,
Priyanka? Why are you sitting here? Aren’t you attending the class? Look, Priyanka, how long are
you going to think about Shavinder… …and upset yourself? He doesn’t deserve you at all. I’m not upset thinking about him. I’m upset because of this fact
that how could I do such a big mistake. How did I get trapped with
such a wrong person? Let bygones be bygones.
Think about your future. We have to submit our
final assignment today. Have you brought it?
– I didn’t make it. You had ample time.
Why didn’t you prepare it? Mr. Kakkad will shout
at you now. You will fail. No problem, request Mr.
Kakkad and take extension from him. Let’s go. Okay, students… I think I had given
you ample time… …to make this assignment. – Didn’t I?
– Yes, sir. But despite this
there is one such student… …who has not completed
this assignment. And such student deserves to fail. Sher Singh. Do you have any excuse for not
submitting your assignment? Any excuse for which I can think
of giving you an extension. No. It’s okay. Either you plan to sit in
this class for one more year… …or else pack your luggage and
go back to your village Poondrhi. Now you can go, please. Are you mad? You gave your
assignment to Priyanka? She has misbehaved with you and… …you have ruined
your future because of her? He’s so strange. You are telling me this? The one who didn’t
attend The college… …for two years because of a girl. You are telling all this to me?
– Leave aside my topic. Think about your
father. What will he feel? That you have failed
and you are a bad boy. Let them feel. Why are you ruining your career? We can go and meet the professor. If we somehow manage to get a
degree we will get a good job. Your life will be set. I wanted to do agriculture even
after getting my degree. I’ll do that now without
having the degree. Deep, don’t do it, buddy. What’s wrong with you, buddy? Why are you behaving like this? Try to understand me, friends. I can’t live here anymore. This city didn’t suit me. So that girl is
everything for you… …we, your friends mean
nothing for you? Don’t say like this, buddy. Brothers can make you proud. But you cannot fall
in love with them. Because I… I am not that type of a person. Please don’t go,
buddy. Think over it again. No, Deep, please don’t stop me now. Please come to till the
door to say goodbye to me. Now hold my luggage. Rita has a new
boyfriend… and that too a Englishman. Doesn’t he resemble like
our friend, Guru? Come on. Excuse me, Guru. Hey, Deep. Where is Sheru?
He’s not to be seen. It’s none of your concern. Actually, I wanted to talk to him. You have told him what
you wanted to say. I wanted to apologise for the same. I realised later on that
I did a wrong thing. What did you say? You did a wrong thing? Do you have any idea about
what you did with him? That poor chap used to chant
your name day and night. He used to wait for when Priyanka… …would give him some work
and he would do it. He used stay awake the whole night
just to prepare your notes. He used to skip his meals. He never used to go home
in the vacations. Why? Because you used to be here. You have broken
his heart, Priyanka. He was madly in love with you. You were right; you
both don’t match well. Because you are
nothing in front of my buddy. Let’s go, Deep. Priyanka. I have come to say sorry to you. You loved me so much and
I treated you so badly. I didn’t see you heart… and just saw that
you are a villager… …and I’m modern. And we don’t match at all. I used to think that you
are shorter in height than me… …but I was wrong. You are such a nice
person. And I didn’t even realise… …that you have a heart of gold. I guess, really, what I’m
going to try to say right here now… …is that I hope you can
find it somewhere… …deep it in your
heart to forgive me. Please, will you, Sheru? What?
– What? I have told you so much and
you are asking ‘What’? I didn’t understand
a single word after… …what you said about my height. Oh, my God. I’m so sorry. I guess I became emotional… …and said everything in English. Sorry. – No problem,
you don’t need to be sorry. But what did you
say? It was good to hear. I said a lot of
things, but in the end… …I would like to
say only one thing… What? – That is, please will
you do membership with me? I said, my dear friend, Sheru… …won’t you go back to
your village Poondrhi? The train is about to come. I say, now even
the army comes here. Tinka won’t go. Oh my Sheru… Hi. Oh, hi. Can I sit? Yes, sit. What is this? I thought since you are
not talking to me… …maybe you have
come here to study. No, no. In fact, I have come here
to say thanks to you. Thanks? For what? For helping me in Sheru’s matter. Okay. Fine. If you want to give me the credit… …then I won’t be
happy with just your thanks. Then how? If I have done really a good job… …then my gift also should
be of the same level. Right? Okay. So what do you want? Look, it’s a very common policy. An eye for an eye, and life
in exchange of life, so… So? So… heart in exchange of… Guru. Guru wait. At least answer my question. What answer shall
I give you, Simmi? Yes, no. Say at least something. Please, Guru, say something. I have tried so many
times to be friends with you… …but you kept on avoiding me. Am I so bad? It’s not like that, Simmi. Then what is it, Guru? Look, either you
flatly say no to me… …so that I never
trouble you again… …or else you tell me the reason for
this kind of attitude of yours. After all… what are you scared of? I’m scared of the
breaking of a relationship. All girls are not alike, Guru. Try to trust me at least once. I’ll die… I’ll die… I’ll die. I’ll die… I’ll die… I’ll
die if I don’t get you. I’ll die if I have
to stay away from you. I’ll die, beautiful. I’ll die. I express my love for
you, you are my God. I express my love for
you, you are my God. My heart beats only for you. I’ll die… I’ll die… I’ll die. I’ll die… I’ll die… I’ll die. I’ll die… I’ll die… I’ll die. I don’t know how… I don’t know how I
fell in love with you. I gave my heart to you. I gave my heart to you. You are mine and only mine. You are mine and only mine. I’ll die if you break
my heart, my love. I’ll die… I’ll die… I’ll die. I’ll die… I’ll die… I’ll die. I’ll die… I’ll die… I’ll die. I’ll die, beautiful. I’ll die Mr. Sharma, please be seated. – I’ll be back in sometime.
– Alright. Hello. She’s my friend Simmi. Simmi, he’s my father. Hello, uncle. Hello. You please be seated. I have to discuss something
important with Guru. Excuse me. Who is this girl with whom
you roam around in the whole city? Father, she is Simmi and
she’s my classmate. Only your classmate
or something more? Father, I love Simmi. And I would like her
to be my life partner. Is it so? So you have decided? Yes. Without even
discussing or taking my opinion… …you have already decided? Am I wrong? I am the one who has to
select my life partner. Am I right? This is not just about you
choosing your life partner… …we are also going to get
related in some way… …with this girl and her family. Do you know anything
about her family? I didn’t feel the need. The girl is good, she is decent… …her parents are
teachers. What else do we need? I thought that you are not intelligent,
but you are a big fool. Before getting into
a relationship… …you must see the
status of the girl’s family. But these things
don’t matter to me, father. It may not matter to
you but it matters for me. And I’m sure… …this girl has planned
everything and only then befriended you. What do you mean to say? I’m very clear, son, this girl
from a middleclass family. She saw that you belong to a rich
family so she has trapped you. Papa, please. No, Guru. Your father is right. Simmi? You are right, uncle. A girl like me from
a middleclass family… …cannot find a
richer boy like Guru. But uncle, one is not rich
only due to his wealth. I’m not at all interested
in your wealth. I love Guru because of his
kind heart and good nature. I love his thoughts. I love the poet in
him, his intelligence. Whom are you trying to fool, dear? Poet and intelligent? Why? Why are you so shocked? Because I know my son very well. He can be anything but
never intelligent. Do you know… …he’s failing
continuously since the last two years? But this doesn’t mean that
he’s not intelligent. There can be some other reason. What other reason can you find apart
from him being unintelligent? Perhaps he’s disturbed, he’s sad. Maybe he wants someone
who can understand him. I understand everything, Simmi. It’s been only two days
since you met him… …and you have
started lecturing me. If you are so sure about
him, then you can also give a try. Let’s see what he does. Alright, uncle. I have
complete faith in my love… …and I’m ready to challenge you… …either Guru will pass this time… …or I’ll never show
my face to you again. This is a middleclass
girl’s promise to you. Guru, have you gone
mad? What are you up to? I’m cleaning the mess, Punni.
I wasted a lot of time. It’s time to work hard now. Work as hard as you want, but
why are you closing down my business? You know very well that you
are my biggest client. Hold these books. Listen to me, you also
leave all this and try to study. Why should I study? I have
to handle my father’s business. Then you handle your business
and let me handle my love. Guru, you have become very serious.
You are not the same old Guru. Yes, you are right. It’s rightly said that love
makes a man useless. What? And you brought the card here? I just fail to understand
one thing, buddy… …do you really love Aman or not? I’m asking you, do
you love her not. Buddy, you all know that
I can’t live without Aman. Then you must go and talk to Aman. If you really want
Aman in your life… …then you have to
talk to her today, Deep. But her marriage is
already fixed, buddy. What kind of a person are you? It’s not the time to think… …or else you’ll repent for
the rest of your life… …that I wish I could
hold her hand and stop her. Come on, get up, buddy. Get up. Come on, my hero. Look, this is the right moment. You have to be bold
and win your love. If you won’t tell her today… …then you won’t be able to
tell her for the rest of your life. Aman. Aman, you must be wondering… …why I have come here
all of a sudden, today. In fact I have some
urgent work with you. Actually, Aman, I wanted to say… I had thought that I’ll say a lot… …but I don’t know
why I’m speechless. Actually, Aman, you don’t
need words to express your love… …one must be able to
read it from the eyes. If you are able to understand me… …then look into my eyes and read
what my heart wants to say. Aman, read it a bit faster,
I can’t wait any longer now. I have been reading it from your
eyes since so many years. Aman! You know it, Aman? That’s the reason I left
the card in the canteen. Since when? Perhaps since day one. Then why didn’t you
ever say anything? When you didn’t say
anything then how could I? And I used to think that… …maybe a girl like you
may not like a boy like me. I just waited for
you to approach me… …but you never came. I have come now. It’s of no use now. It’s too late. My parent’s have fixed my marriage. Aman, please don’t say like
this. Don’t say no to me now. We don’t have any
other option, Deep. Nor I’m such a girl who will
go against her family… …and nor are you
such kind of a boy… …who will hold my hand
in front of the whole world. Our love story has to end here. Leave my sister’s hand. Who is this boy, Aman? Whoever he is beat
him so badly that… …he never ever tries
to look at our sister. Look, at this article
on Deepika Padukone. – You are… Guru. – Yes. – Some boys
are beating our Deep very badly. Look I don’t have the
time to fight with you today. You never had the time. But I have ample time today. I’ll settle all the scores today. I’m not going to spare you today. If you have the courage
then show how you go from here. I had told you let me go. The patient needs blood. You have to urgently
arrange for O+ blood. My blood group is not Ab+.
Aunt, what is your group? B+. I don’t know I have never
got my blood group checked. Then go and get it checked now. I’ll call up in the hostel
and inform everybody that… No need to call up anybody. My blood group is O+. I’m sorry, Guru. I really didn’t know that those
boys were beating Deep. Though anything goes on
between both of us… …but I’ll never
like any outsider… …coming into our college
and hitting our boy. I’m really feeling
sorry about that. I’ll give as much as blood
you want. Don’t worry, aunt. Shavinder, I don’t have
words to thank you. Listen, Guru, I don’t have time
for these useless talks. I’m going to give the blood. How are you, my son? Everything will be fine, son. You will get well soon. Mother, please don’t
cry. I’m absolutely fine now. Aunt, Deep is fine now. Please don’t worry. God has been very kind to me. I’ll go to the Gurudwara… …and say thanks to
Him and seek His blessings. I’ll be back soon. You sit with Deep. I’ll be back soon.
– Yes. Yes. Buddy, you really scared us. We were so tensed
from the last two days. Yes, I’m telling the truth.
It becomes a big problem, buddy. Look, there are two
sides of a short. One day wear it
from the right side. And reverse it and wear
it the next day. If you wouldn’t have regained
consciousness… …I wonder what we would
have done today. Isn’t it? Don’t make me laugh, buddy.
It hurts me a lot. I’m responsible for
this pain, buddy. I’m sorry, friend. Please don’t say sorry. In fact, I want to
thank you, buddy. Are you trying to please me? No, for giving me my love. What do you mean? If you wouldn’t have encouraged
me that day then… …I would have never come to
know that Aman also loves me. What are you saying? Yes, buddy. Today
for the first time… …I have come to know
in these twelve years… …that Aman also loves me
as much as I love her. And that too since the
past twelve years. You! Why are you staring at me? You tend to abuse after
hearing such a thing. We knew that our friend
was a lazy chap… …but didn’t imagine
she was also the same. It’s matter of concern… …he took twelve
years to express his love… …I wonder how much time they will
take during their honeymoon. But whatever it is, God
has made a good pair. We are still not a couple, buddy. She’s getting
married after fifteen days… …and I’m lying over here. Guru, I’m ready to bear this kind
of pain hundreds of times… …but I won’t be able to bear if
Aman gets married to anybody else. Don’t worry, Deep. You just get ready to
become the bridegroom… …we both are going to bring
Aman from her house. You will be the bridegroom
and we’ll be your wedding guests. The bottle has become
empty, order for another one. You go inside. It’s very crowded. I’ll go and tell her
father to vacate the wedding hall. What are you saying, buddy?
How can they leave the bride alone? Bubby, we have to fight. Shut up, we have come
here to end the fight. Either we win or we lose. Go. Go. Guru, I’m sure they
will beat him again. We still have a
chance, shall we go back? I was just trying to judge
you. Are you ready to fight? I’m ready today, I
won’t spare anyone. Let them come. You scoundrel! We beat you so
badly and you have come again? We won’t spare you today. Stop, Inder. What are you doing? That’s the same boy mother,
whom we had beaten up badly. I think so we missed
out on something that day. We’ll show him the result of
messing with our sister today. Have you gone mad? Do you want to go to
the gallows by killing him? Get aside. You don’t interfere,
mother. It’s a matter of our pride. And we don’t spare the one who
tries to messes with our pride. Neither you nor me. Kakke, give me the pistol. Wait, son. Father. I’ll fix him. This boy cannot come here
without anybody’s support. Am I right, Aman? Do you know him? Do you know him or not? Do you like this boy? Speak up? Then my Manno must get married
to this boy only. What are you saying, father?
What’s wrong with you? That boy is a Hindu. How
can he marry a Jat’s daughter? These things don’t matter
anymore nowadays, son. And didn’t you follow
such a small thing? The way this boy came and hold Aman’s
hand in front of everybody… …only a daring Jat
can do such a thing. And don’t see the boy’s religion,
look at his courage. Courage. If this boy can put his
life in danger for my daughter… …I wonder what he will do to
keep her happy. Am I right? Be happy. Come on. Come on, boys… …give a big hug to your brother-in-law
and treat him well. We have checked
courage, brother-in-law. Now it’s time to check your liver. You have to drink not less
than two bottles of whisky tonight. Alright.
– Nikka, fill the glasses. I have failed. Look, he passed. You have scored 79% in English. You too. 85% in Economics. You too. And we scored 75%
in Political Science. How much did you score? 37% 37%? I got 42% You scored forty
two percent? Show me. Dear, his mother was a
bond between both of us. But after her demise I used to
think that I have lost him. But dear, you have done
me a great favour… …by bringing him back to me. Thank you. Thank you very
much. God bless you, dear. I’m sorry, father. No, buddy, no. Don’t say sorry. Sons are father’s biggest pride. Though the son troubles his
father a lot but he makes… …the father proud as well. You are my pride, my son. Don’t lose your
pride by saying sorry. I love you, father. Uncle, you are so glad after hearing
that your son has scored 60%. What will you do if Guru score much
more than these the next time? What are you saying,
more than this? Why, do you have any
doubt? Challenge me then. I’ll definitely
challenge you, dear… …but this time I’ll challenge
you such a thing… …and will make sure that I win it. There can be no such challenge
which I’ll lose. Okay, then try to challenge me. You’ll be standing in the same place
after you complete your degree. And you’ll be holding a cup
of tea in your hands… …and will be dressed as a bride. And you’ll tell me, Father,
have your tea. If you have the
daring, then challenge me. I knew it, my children. God have mercy. Use your strength.
Please listen to me. Otherwise there
will be a massacre. The gear of the car got stuck
while pushing the car. God have mercy. Buddy, how three years passed
away, we didn’t come to know. It took me five years, buddy. I still don’t feel like
leaving this college. No problem… daughters
have to leave… …their parents house one day. I also felt whether I
should say this or not. But I’m going to
miss you both a lot. What are you saying? Tell me one thing, friends. I hope we don’t
become so busy in our lives… …that we don’t have time
to meet each other. No, don’t say like this, buddy. We’ll definitely meet. But we won’t be able to meet
the way we meet now every day. We were together in the college the
whole day, having a great time… …chatting with each
other. We’ll miss all this now. All the college fun is over now… …and we have to face the
reality of life now. I don’t feel like believing
it, but you are right, Deep. We three are going to
miss each other a lot. Life is a very big mystery. Nothing is constant. Neither the time nor the person. We’ll also change with time. But there is one thing which
will never change… …and that is the beautiful moments
we shared in this college. Yes buddy. Whenever we’ll
remember our old days… …it will bring a
smile on our faces. There. There. There. Hi, guys. What’s up?
– Hello. Slower. – So what was I telling you.
I have to lift the stone… Time never spares anybody. Change the topic. Talk about
something nice. Oh God. Oh God. Hi, how is it going? You three are
still sitting over here… …the farewell
party is going to begin. Aren’t you coming?
– The actual party will begin… …only after we reach there. And by the way all boring people
must have reached by now. Yes, the tigers will go now. It doesn’t suit you, don’t say it. I miss them a lot.
My priceless friends. Who are like air bubbles. I miss them a lot. My priceless
friends. Who are like air bubbles. We used to have a lot of
fun. We used to study in college. We spent our life,
our youth together. Our youth, our life. That world was different.
We used to pick up fights. We never studied. We
never stayed at home. We never feared anything.
Life was like a rose at that time. I miss them a lot. My priceless
friends. Who are like air bubbles. We never attended classes. We never attended classes.
We used to sit in the canteen. We used to have
tea with excess sugar. We used to discuss about our future
and doing something great. Everyone was very found of setting
their hair with comb, applying gel… …standing in front of the mirror.
And father used to stare at us. We used to wear Tommy
shirts and Armani goggles. Armani goggles. I miss them
a lot. My priceless friends. We used to love our Bullet. We used to love our Bullet.
We used to not have a bath… …but we used to make
sure that our Bullet shines. We used to ride it slowly. We used to go for rides
on Bullet to impress girls. The room that belonged to
Gill… Aunt used to get angry. The parties my friends arranged.
Friends used to always come over. When we used to get together we
used to drink and pull each other’s leg. Pull each other’s leg. I miss them a lot. My priceless friends.
Who are like air bubbles. Rita has got children now? Listen…
– Yes? Doesn’t one of her
children look like our director? Best watched using Open Subtitles MKV Player

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