Yanni – ”Nightingale” – Learning Balance from Nature! … “Tribute” Concerts! – Remastered & Restored

Thank you. The next piece of music,
believe it or not, was inspired by a Nightingale. I often listen to nature
because I learn balance from listening to nature. I remember a few years ago
I was in Venice, Italy, and one of these birds
kept coming by my window every sunset, and she
proceeded to sing her song. And it was so beautiful. I was completely mesmerized by it. These birds have such
a tremendous vocabulary and rhythms and melodies. And I thought, what a pity
that we couldn’t communicate, or we couldn’t speak
each other’s language. It wasn’t until many years
later when I was introduced to the Chinese flute that I
realized that this instrument, particularly in the higher registers, has a lot of the tonal
characteristics of the Nightingale. And so, I decided to write a
song using the Chinese flute. The song will begin with
our Venezuelan friend, whom you met a little earlier tonight, Pedro Eustache, playing the Chinese flute. It’s called “Nightingale”, and
I’d like to dedicate it to you.

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