Yemen’s hidden battle against Al-Qaeda

Training for battle on the new front line of America’s war on Al-Qaeda This is Yemen’s counter terrorism unit.On
Christmas Day, Al Qaeda in Yemen almost carried out the worst terrorist attack on US soil
since 9/11.Suddenly all eyes have turned to this little known Arab country — asking the
question who is fighting Al Qaeda in Yemen? Al Qaeda, whether its central leadership or
fighters is from Yemen.Yemen was and still is a place that attracts, trains and exports
fighters, either young Yemenis or foreigners. Across the rugged desert east of Sanaa lies
the ancient town of Marib.Home to a temple to the Queen of Sheba, Marib was once the
jewel in the crown of Yemen’s tourism industry.Today gunmen patrol. Marib is now an operational
stronghold for Al Qaeda. Formed in January 2009 with several hundred
fighters, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular is a merger between the group’s Saudi and
Yemeni networks. Sheikh Abdullah al-Shareef is a tribal leader
from Marib. Many people here have no job. They meet leaders
of Al Qaeda who are foreigners. The young people become convinced to join them, believing
they are following the religious path. This unemployment couples with rapidly diminishing
oil and water resources. Yemen’s economy is fast heading for collapse.In my view the root
cause of all the problems whether is poverty. No one gets recruited free of charge.They
all have resources. But the religious appeal adds to the shortage of capital.
The international focus on Yemen comes as the authority of President Ali Abdullah Saleh
is being directly challenged.A long and bitter war against Huthi rebels in the northern governorate
of Saada has uprooted tens of thousands of families.In the south, a secessionist movement
for the independence of south Yemen regularly demonstrates against the president.
In the space that is opening up as Yemen pulls itself apart, Al Qaeda have succeeded in established
a strong foothold.Especially among local tribes.On an Al Qaeda video Nasser Wahayshi, the leader
of Al Qaeda in Yemen, warns Muslims of a coming war between Islam and the West.Be happy even
if bad things are happening. Your children are the next generation and they have your
blood. Be prepared to run from your homes because they will come from directions you
do not expect. One such source of unexpected attacks are
Yemen’s own counter terrorism forces, here training for a raid on a militant safehouse.
We in Yemen this is the first time we face a terrorist ready to commit suicide and that
was a very big threat to our security. After the occupation of Iraq many terrorists went
to Iraq. There was more violent than before. The CTU started with 50 men and now has more
than 300.They are well trained by the Americans and the British
Since December the unit has been involved in a series of attacks on Al Qaeda strong holds.In
these pictures of an actual raid, soldiers surround a suspected Al Qaeda safe house,
before storming it. The US has long demanded Yemen crack down on Al Qaeda and will be pushing
for more such action. However, President Obama is seriously concerned
with Yemen’s ability to keep captured fighters under lock and key.In February 2006, Al Qaeda’s
leader in Yemen escaped from the country’s maximum security prison. Alongside him was
Qassem al-Raimi, now a top military commander in the group.Judge Hamoud Hitar leads Yemen’s
programme to persuade captured fighters to renounce violence.
We proved to the world that the tongue and pen are more powerful than weapons. If force
was enough to fight terrorism, Iraq and Afghanistan would be safer than any place.
However, the scheme has lost the support of the US after graduates of Hitar’s programme
were later captured fighting in Iraq, some clearly not convinced by his arguments. Nasser Bahri is a former Al Qaeda member who
fought alongside Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan. He later went through judge Hitar’s programme but says
it was less than comprehensive. There were only three sessions. The first
was for about an hour and a half, the second was exactly 45 minutes and the third time
I signed an agreement renouncing violence against the state. There was dialogue but
not a programme of re-education. If Yemen’s government deals with jihadis based
on an American agenda, then the jihadis have the right to defend themselves. Because then
they will know that this government works for the US government. In their attacks on Al Qaeda, the Yemeni authorities also risk triggering a war against the local tribes. We don’t want to fight with all the tribes
in Yemen. It’s better to get the head members of Al Qaeda. It is not in our favour to fight with the Tribes, as they have connections with other tribes and then we’ll have a big war.
As far as we know Al Qaeda do not open the door to dialogue. They only seek bloodshed, and that’s their philosophy and their way of doing things If force comes to force of course the government will have to. Obama wants to say that Yemen will change to be another Afghanistan, and he wants to
stop that happening. Abdulelah Shaea monitors the web for news
and statements by Al Qaeda in Yemen.Having met the group last year, Shaea believes US
support will do little to stop Al Qaeda exploiting the weakness of the state.
The Yemeni system will never be able to stop it because of the internal problems it has.
So – at the end of this, and I think it is in the short term – Al Qaeda will win in its
battle against the system. Deploying international troops to Yemen risks
further inflaming hostility among local tribes.So for now it is the men and women of Yemen’s
counter-terrorism forces who are at the sharp end of this new frontline in America’s war
on Al Qaeda. In the dry mountains and plains of Yemen’s
rugged tribal heartlands, soldiers hunt for Al Qaeda fighters. Both sides waiting for
their next order to strike. Al Qaeda is not just a threat to Yemen, they are a threat to the whole region. They are bloody killers. We are not fighting Al Qaeda just to fight Al Qaeda. We are fighting for
our lives.

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  • Hold on, why haven't these Al Qaeda leveled The Queen of Sheeba's city yet, do they not know it was a place of "pagan" worship? Their counterparts in Egypt want to destroy the Pyramids as the Afghans did with the Buddhas of Bamyan, just to show the World how fu*king high minded and wise they are – these guys are clearly pussies.

  • Al AQueda a a bunch of pussies, Even In Syria they fight in the backlines against other rebels for power, and they do Suicide Bombings, when Suicide is haram. What is next  Alcohol drinks are legal under different names? lol :/ There is evidence they got help from Cia when they were first formed. 

  • They are destroying our motherland yemen! 🙁 , yemen is one of the world's most beautiful places, but with the fucking current politicians and al qaeda yemen will slowly collapse

  • Yemen experienced one of its worst attacks in recent months on Thursday when gunmen stormed the defence ministry in the centre of Sana'a, killing at least 52 people and wounding dozens more.
    Good luck yemen…

  • "The are well trained,by the American and the British…." Well of course they are! USA and its allies will feed poor Governments and corrupt officials with money in order to buy them and establish a Puppet Government in order to fight Muslims…the same with Afghanistan how USA bribed Pakistan Government so USA can build bases and deploy drones in Pakistan to be used in Afghanistan.


  • So true Al Qaeda is a bitch for contradicting and munipulating there own religion and going against the words of Allah and disgracing mouhammad in there actions and yes Al Qaeda does drink Alchohol as shown on a video of a AQ member drinking death wine as they called it which was a fermented corpes of a lybian solder in a barrel

  • Drones, Warships, Jets and Al-Qaeda still coming….There was a time when the Ottoman Empire was so advanced in technology and military, that America and the West will never want to see such a Muslim force on Earth again….Especially now that they are 1.5 Billion !!!

  • Al Qaeda needs to stop slaughtering their brethren, Christian, Muslim, or Jew. If it's conquest you seek, seek it in Europe, Africa, and the US, not in the country of your fellow brethren. Deflection is weak.

  • well how about fuck the "lock and key"? do they leave anyone alive they capture? no or if then the ransom must be really high. Why not shoot captured leaders and combatants on the spot rather than locking them up in "maximum" security facilities, which they "miraculously" escape? srsly.

  • Wouldnt it hurt those people of yemen, the youngsters among the poor, when they go about there daily lives and then all of the sudden find themselves target to drone attacks… if people are gullable to think that al qaeda are the first ones to bark there stupid, america conduct drone attacks on innocent people, america fund groups (al qaeda) to spark a reactive uprising, the youngsters catch on to this reaction and suddenly al qaeda exists, I just watched HARDTALK bbc on yemen that reporter is clearly trying to indicate that yemen cant handle there created al qaeda, another excuse to walk in to another country, the americans intimidate people to fight, they did that in iraq and afghanistan…who would find it easy not to react when there mother has been blown up to peices… wasnt there a uprising against muslims in this country when lee rigby was murdered, hasnt the enmity grown in the british peoples hearts, now picture that times 20… people need to realise this is not a war on terror… this is about power, controlling the masses and preparing for a 'new idea' a one world goverment which will try to force its laws and way of living upon the people… 'there are those who plot a great plan against Allah, but little do they know they are within a greater plan themselves' 

  • These morons lie so much even the translation was way off when the leader was talking. These "leaders" need to stop being greedy and feed the needy. People fight cuz they got nothing to eat or even a decent lives.

  • Al Qaeda hates ISIS who hates Iran who hates Sunni who hates Shia who hates Israel who hates Palestine..Mohammed is happy with all the blood..continue Allah Akbar.

  • in which country US like to become a ruler they send Al-Qaeda to start trouble here and then they send their forces for command. The examples are iraq, afghanistan, and now Yemen and after that Pakistan will be the target

  • The Alqaida and Taliban are not muslims bcoz they killing innocents and thats not overing in Islam and Quran.

  • The translation in the al-Qaeda video is wrong and only one line of what he said is correct. I am a Yemeni and American citizen and I'm all against al-Qaeda.

  • There is NO battle against Al Qaeda from the US or anyone else in Yemen for Christ sake they are fighting for the US coalition. What a propaganda joke fest. Anyone who wants to know the truth please do some research. What a Fucking Joke

  • All these countries share a common objective and dislike for the United States. Just like the K.K.K. and the Skinheads share a common dislike for Blacks, but that doesn't mean they are the same organization. The AL-Qaeda was invented by the United States to justify all killing regardless of reason. To a certain extent the United States has become Murder incorporated for any government which supports the United States with internal strife.

  • It should be noted that the Brigadier General Yahya Abdullah Saleh is the nephew of former corrupt President Ali Abdullah Saleh and Commander of their personal armed unit of 60,000+ central security forces – that also shot and killed over 100 protestors during the "Arab spring uprising". It is well known among the Yemeni population that most, if not nearly all, of the 150 million a year budget to combat the devil's of al quaeda went into the pocket of the Abdullah family. Also, many know that there was no real effort to combat al quaeda. The end of al quaeda would mean the end of a lucrative scam on the American tax payer and government. The escape of Al Wahashi, and other al quaeda members, from the secure prison was also conducted by the so called commander of terrorism taskforce ( Yahya Abdullah Saleh) and his uncle Ali Abdullah Saleh armed forces ( as witnessed by prison security leading up to the escape). I very much so hope that in the future the US picks their allies wisely .

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