Zambian student talks about University of Liverpool International College

My name is Melvin Karabassis, I’m from the Republic of Zambia in Central Africa. I’m currently studying Business Law and Social Sciences Foundation, on Progression route to Business Economics and the University of Liverpool. I wasn’t given much advice about coming to the UK because of the very high standard quality of education
that people get here, and I’m a big Liverpool fan, at the Liverpool Football Club. Academic wise, well, there’s a programme which runs at the school that’s skills for study and I’ve learned a lot in how to reference my work, using the Harvard style – Harvard style referencing. Also, I have to cite – citations, doing citations within my programmes, reports or essays, how to carry out presentations, what to do
and what not to do within a presentation, also how to find sources, work, how to use the school library, how to locate books, where to find journals and yeah, that’s pretty much it. We have classes all around campus. We do use so it kind of gives us a feeling of being in the university, even before we go there. We have a sort of family environment, within our classrooms. We have a little small ratio within the teachers so we do have time to talk to our teachers
personally with problems we’re facing, we can arrange an extra class with the teacher after the lesson. The teachers also give us feedback on how we’re doing on in our assessments and also pretty much a good thing they do. I’m not really lacking because I know I have support for me before I do anything else you know. There are accommodations available within the city, the city centre. We get to mingle with
students from other universities and also it’s
quite a good experience to
experience that. There are also accommodations near, within the
campus – the university campus within five minutes, three minutes walking
distances to get your classes. It’ll be much easier to get a job where i come from, with a UK degree
so it’s one of the reasons I chose to come to a well-reputable university such as the University of Liverpool. The people are quite helpful here, I got directions to where I was going when I ask anybody else. I didnt really know about the John Lennon Museum til I got here, also the soccer, the football kind of atmosphere here really united the people here about the Liverpool Football Club, so once when you get here you really need to start supporting the Liverpool Football Club, not Man United.

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